The Monster Hog

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They’re not as innocent as they look! These little figurines represent Dinohyus (aka Daeodon), a huge, monstrous, pig-like mammal of prehistoric times. They came in a set of prehistoric mammals as prizes in boxes of Nabisco Wheat and Rice Honeys, way back when. They fascinated me then, and they still do now. God created a lot of way cool animals we don’t see anymore: He didn’t stop with dinosaurs. These giant hogs don’t lose much by comparison with dinosaurs.

Why are they extinct? Has God preserved them somewhere else in His creation? We just don’t know. Maybe someday we will, and this part of God’s plan will astound us.

Now let me see if I can find another image–they’re all best-guess reconstructions, based on a pretty fair number of fossil skeletons–that will impress you more than these little toys can do.

Image result for images of dinohyus

Definitely not an animal to mess around with!

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  1. I looked these up on the ‘net and they are indeed monsters. They were about six feet tall at the shoulder. I wouldn’t want to meet up with a six foot tall pig, especial one whose very name, Daeodon, means dreadful teeth.

  2. On Mike Rowe’s “Somebody’s Gotta Do It” show recently he visited a farm where scientists are breeding the whooping crane that is on the endangered species list. They are having great success (it is demanding work). Rowe asked them what they will do when the cranes are off the list, and they said they would find another species to save from extinction – very inspiring!

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