Latest Papal Shenanigans: ‘No Hell’

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You never know what to expect from the Red Pope, Francis I. He comes up with some doozies, and this latest one takes the cake.

Interviewed by “his long-time atheist friend,” the Pope said there’s no Hell and that condemned souls “just disappear” ( Am I the only one who thinks it may not be appropriate for the Pope to buddy up with atheists? But wait, there’s more!

Wrote the atheist interviewer, “In our previous meeting you told me that our species will disappear in a certain moment and that God… will create new species.”

What? You mean Christ died for a species that God’s gonna erase anyway? What Bible did he get that out of? I guess the same Bible that says there’s no Hell, thus refuting official Roman Catholic doctrine. Am I the only one who thinks it’s not appropriate for a Pope to be refuting Catholic doctrine?

According to the interviewer, the Pope also said, “It is an honor to be called revolutionary.” This guy’s something else.

The Vatican has officially disavowed the interview, saying it wasn’t a formal interview at all and that these aren’t genuine quotes–just a “reconstruction” by the Pope’s long-time atheist friend. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

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  1. Believe me, those of us who are faithful Catholics are almost in despair about this Pope. One of my (devoutly Catholic) friends said just yesterday, “”Is the Pope Catholic’ used to be a way of saying that something was obvious. Now when I hear the question, I have to stop and wonder how to answer.”

    1. I feel your pain. Some of what comes out of our Protestant seminaries these days isn’t fit for a hyena’s breakfast.

  2. That are many Catholics who would disagree with the current pope. He seems more interested in preaching Social Justice than preaching the gospel.

    1. some people have mindset of speaking negativity.

      if you also send such people in heaven they will also going make negative comments on heaven. actually thats there state of mind.

    2. i think pope is currently not corrupt but confused. actually problem with pope is simple. very simple.

      he is becoming and following the path of secularism because of people pressure.
      but instead of it
      he should try too show more good philosophical path to world, the more advanced path.

  3. The Pope had better watch it or else he will end up in Purgatory. Since indulgences are no longer for sale he would be in trouble. But then again, maybe this Pope will reinstall them.

  4. As a Catholic recently re-entering my Catholic faith I find this Pope very confusing as compared the Catholicism I was raised with. I don’t think my dad ever did get comfortable with Vatican II so we were pretty much raised “old school” Catholicism. It’s difficult to come back.

    1. Because we experience that in every days life. not only heaven or hell actually even time does not exist in real terms and not only this the truth and false is also a state of mind.

    2. If “true” and “false” are only states of mind, then you ought to be able to walk off the roof without falling down. Oh, wait–you might *think* you’re falling, and then *think* you’ve gotten badly injured, etc.

    3. sir actually you are not understanding this. the morally correct, factual correct,emotionally correct and logic are very different from truth or false actually

    4. Bhudhi, you’ve given us a classic self-contradiction: You say that “truth” is only a state of mind, but you present that idea as a truth. By your own standard it can’t be true, because, by that same standard, there is no truth. However, we appreciate your sharing with us your “state of mind.”

    5. sir actually there is very difference between morally correct, facts, logic and truth. Yes sir i represented a idea and i consider it as a truth. because my my state of mind thinks that this is the best. I consider it as truth because i feel it truth. And until i feel it it is truth atlest for me.

      you think this idea is stupid i think this idea is great because its my state of minds same with you.

      terrorist kills people not because they enjoy it they kill because of there state of Mind that state of mind says them that by kill peoples they are protecting allah

      so for them this idea this morally incorrect idea is there Ultimate truth

      is or not.

    6. no by creating such philosophy the future culture will be able to make a common understanding. This will going to make a peaceful settings between science and religion.

    7. until a persons idea is not disturbed by any other idea that is truth for him whether that idea is logically,factually, morally truth or not.

    8. Welcome back, Esteemed Colleague and friend!
      This reminds me of our Great Philosopher John Dewey, who insisted that we cannot know anything and then expected us to take him for someone who knows what he’s talking about and ought to be listened to–which a lot of people, who should have known better, obligingly did.

    9. actually western people are totally mechanical people in Asia we call this type of people as kaan ke nache . this peoples use over logic, for this people i would say that- radical in philosophical or imagining but under the law of logic

    10. Meanwhile, bhudhi, you keep making these definitive pronouncements as though you consider them to be true, and then you tell us there’s no such thing as truth, but only states of mind. So really, given your rejection of “truth,” all you can do is say “this is what I like and this is what I wish,” describing your state of mind — except that claiming these things as your state of mind is assuming that what you’re saying about your state of mind is true. In other words, nothing you say can be taken seriously according to your own supposed standard. I say your “supposed” standard, because if nothing is true, how do we know it really is your state of mind? In fact, for anything you say, all that someone who knows you and likes you can say about your stated likes and dislikes is “that’s nice.” A stranger might say, “Who cares?” So why do you keep presenting your ideas as true and trying to convince others to agree — or, rather, to like what you like and dislike what you dislike? Or don’t you care whether people agree, and just want to express your feelings? If the latter … I’ll be friendly and say “that’s nice.”

      By the way, I’m not a “sir.” I’m a “ma’am.”

    11. Lee, you’ve discovered the secret to luring me out of hiding: Just drag a logical fallacy across the path, and I pounce. Now if only that would work with my cat when I need to take him to the vet…. 🙂

    12. Your cat’s not interested in logical fallacies? They used to preoccupy my iguana.

      I’ve got to apologize for this guy’s comments. He was gonna be a character in “Oy, Rodney,” see, a product of my imagination, but it all got out of hand and now he’s loose.

      Once upon a time the notion that reality is just “a state of mind” would have been taken as a sign of deep depravity–that, or madness. Today our colleges teach stuff that used to land you in the bughouse.

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