When They Make You Say It

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I have a story from a reliable source which I choose not to disclose. It’s not a unique story. It’s just like other stories that I’ve heard before, and which I expect to hear again.

A young man trying to finish his college education (LOL), as a condition of getting credit for a certain course, was compelled to write a letter in support of Planned Parenthood and send it to an elected official. Whether he can in good conscience support the abortion industry is not at issue. He has been ordered to write the letter whether he believes in it our not.

Step One of the leftid fun-plan is to forbid you from saying things. Step Two is to force you to say what they want you to say. Our colleges have fully mastered Step One and are moving on to Step Two. Canada is already there: to get a government-funded summer job, you have to say you support abortion.

The student could ask the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) to sue the college in defense of his right to liberty of conscience. What usually happens then is that school officials admit they “made a mistake” and take the heat off that particular student. A few hours after the lawsuit is dropped, they do it to another student.

What does that say about anyone who can only get someone else to agree with him by threatening that person with a failing grade, rejection of his application for a job, or a good thrashing? But this describes the “educators” at our schools and colleges.

It would seem that freedom is not the natural state of humankind, but rather an interruption is the long, long flow of tyranny. That freedom has lasted so long in America speaks well of us. That it is currently under fire every day… does not.

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  1. I laid low in some of my college classes so as to get an A. High school students being told to walk out of class to protest for more strict gun control laws is a good example of forcing kids to be the way they want them to be.

  2. My son was assigned to write a review in support of one of Richard Dawkin’s books against Christianity. This type of assignment in support of liberal political, religious, and cultural viewpoints was common during my kids’ college years 3-10 years ago. Having been homeschooled in conservative traditions, they got good at investigating professors before registering for college classes, and eventually graduated with integrity and academic honors.

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