Pet Chickens? You Bet!

After learning about how hard it is to care for various kinds of birds, Patty and I got to wondering about chickens as pets. Those of you who’ve lived in the country won’t find this surprising, but to this suburban boy, it’s one of those “Why didn’t anybody tell me about this?” moments. My grandpa kept chickens, but they were for eating: my mother had some rather lurid tales about that.

But it seems chickens are friendly, cuddly, reasonably calm, don’t require exotic or expensive food, and can get along with dogs and cats as well as people. What’s not to like?

5 comments on “Pet Chickens? You Bet!

  1. That’s pretty cool. The skateboard riding trio of chickens surprised me. There were sure some cute kids enjoying their feathered friends. Every time I see an animal seek out a human it reminds me that this was purposed in creation itself.

  2. Chickens are wonderful! They’re affectionate and require minimal care, and as you said, Lee, they get along with most other animals. We always had chickens. In fact, I’ve had my life blessed with many animals, from chickens and geese to goats, wolves and even a burro – and many others too 🙂

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