‘Is College Still Worth It?’

Tucker Carlson is a lot easier on our, um, “higher education” system than I am. If our own Western civilization ever goes belly-up with all four legs in the air, a la the Indus Valley civilization, or the Etruscans, the chief culprit will surely be our colleges and looniversities.

This is what happens when your model is “Everybody has to go to college!” Because there really aren’t that many people cut out for a higher education, or in need of one, you have to invent degree programs for them–bilge degrees that even a chowderhead can earn just by showing up. Women’s Studies, Queer Studies, I Are A Doofus Studies–and they all cost the earth. They not only saddle students with perpetual debt, but also debase their minds and character. But the system has to keep expanding, and it will keep trying to expand until the whole enterprise crashes and burns. I only pray it doesn’t take us all down with it in a general ruin.

4 comments on “‘Is College Still Worth It?’

  1. Today’s colleges and universities – and for that matter, the entire education system – are carnivores. They feed on our youth Disgusting!

  2. That’s a huge part of the problem. Instead of preparing people for serious careers they now expect everyone to go to college for even the most simple of careers. I have literally spoken to groundskeepers with bachelor’s degrees.

  3. All my buttons were pushed and all my lights went on when I saw this on “Tucker.” Most of what is now taught in college should be taught and covered in the lower grades. I worked with 6th graders yesterday and they thought the Gov’t paid for everything in school. They were amazed when I told them the Gov’t makes no money but that its gets all its money from taxes. You could see the confusion on their faces. The current public education system in our country is the enemy (well, one of them).

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