Cats Loving Babies

I’m just not right. I loaded this video at the usual time and then just plumb forgot to post it. Looking at my stats just now, I wondered why no one had bothered to watch the cat video. Then I discovered that there was no cat video. *Sigh* Well, better late than never.

5 comments on “Cats Loving Babies

  1. I have been having a lot of things like this happen to me lately, and it is so frustrating. I just thought it was a symptom of old age, but I guess that does not explain it. Maybe multiple stresses? Mystery to me.

  2. The overall stress of life itself contributes a lot to this. That’s one of the reasons I love these videos, they are an island of peace in a nasty world.

  3. Yes, Lee. Thank you for providing us this little island of refuge from the insanity of the world. As strange as it seems, the more ‘conveniences’ we have available, the more complicated and confusing life becomes. There seems to be a spirit of confusion settling over the land attacking God’s people and I strongly urge everyone to pray against it.

  4. Yes, and Babies Love Cats. There was a big cat on our street that always came up to us to be petted. Her name is Bowzer. My wife always kept treats inside the front door for her. Then her owner became a college student and moved away. Two years later, Bowzer appears and comes over to be petted. My wife was so happy to see her again she called our daughter to tell her all about it.

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