‘The Loving Left’ (2013)

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Barbara Bush, one of the least annoying First Ladies in my lifetime, died the other day. Almost instantaneously, a–er, ahem!–college professor at Cal State Fresno proclaimed her glee that the “witch” and “racist” and “mother of a war criminal” had died: so over the top, even the college was embarrassed (http://losangeles.cbslocal.com/2018/04/18/barbara-bush-fresno-state-racist-professor/).

But that’s what leftids always do, isn’t it?


If you think you’re the only one who’s noticed that some leftids sound like they’re demon-possessed… you’re not.

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  1. I’ve read this “English professor’s” full comments with all the filthy words left unbleeped-out, and I have to say that the calls for her being fired should be based on her poor command of the English language — which she purports to teach — not on the content of her ideas. In fact, I’m opposed to firing anyone for nasty talk, an action that can easily be turned against anyone who says something a snowflake doesn’t like. But if this tub of lard (have you seen her picture?) can’t handle the English language well enough to make her point clear without obscenities — some of which are grammatically incorrect — she shouldn’t be teaching others how to speak and write.

    1. I agree. I don’t believe that someone should be fired for holding an opinion, or even expressing that opinion, unless they are representing themselves in their capacity as an employee. I support freedom of speech for everyone, especially for those with whom I disagree, because that is the only way any of us can have freedom of speech.

      If one is a public figure, they too have freedom of speech, but they should be prepared in case their is backlash. Simply stated, public figures need to think carefully before speaking, but I still support their freedom of speech. I also have the freedom not to vote for someone with whom I disagree, or not to buy movies, music etc. from someone whose opinions I find offensive. In fact, there are several entertainers whom will never see one thin dime of my money for these very reasons.

      Hating Barbara Bush is like hating Aunt Bea from Mayberry. I never thought of her as a particularly controversial figure. While I’m a conservative, I’m not a big fan of either Bush, but I don’t blame Barbara. In the case of both Bushes, I found them far superior to the candidate they ran against, but neither struck me as being truly politically conservative. In any event, Barbara Bush was never a policy framer or decision maker in the government. Persons whom express such vitriol reveal much more about themselves than those whom they criticize.

  2. George Herbert Bush is an original yale skull and bones member. We are talking elite of elite as far as Satanism is concerned. Barbara is a direct descendent of Aleister Crowley who is worshipped as father of modern day Satanism. She was most certainly a high ranking witch with pearls.

    1. Hey, brother, believe what you want. The republicans are just as satanic as the democrats. Society has fallen. Satan holds his US flag and Bible too.

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