Celebs & Activists… (Pardon Me While I Heave)

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What’s wrong with this, uh, thinking–if we can even call it thinking?

Blame millions of peaceful, law-abiding Americans for the acts of a few homicidal maniacs who don’t obey the law.

Threaten a voluntary organization of at least 5 million people with all sorts of dire consequences unless the violence–which they have nothing to do with–stops.

Well, it’s leftid thinking, which is not so much thought as it is a mindless taxon: they seek political power as compulsively as a tsetse fly seeks blood.

And so “a new coalition of celebrities and activists”–this is like grave-robbers joining hands with vampires–has been formed to come roaring after the National Rifle Assn. and attack anyone who “takes money from the NRA.” They’ve named it NoRA, short for “the No Rifle Initiative.” What does that mean, by the way? They won’t stop until the Second Amendment is repealed? What do they mean, “no rifle”?

Anyway, they’ve sent a letter to the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre which says, “Your time signing checks in our blood is up. We’re coming for your money. We’re coming for your puppets. And we’re going to win.” It’s signed by a lot of celebrities I’ve never heard of. Please don’t try to tell me who they are. It would diminish me to know anything about them.

So they’re gonna organize demonstrations and boycotts and “nationwide art campaigns,” whatever that is–

And may I ask: do we know of even one NRA member who has actually performed a mass shooting?

To employ the kind of logic favored by leftids, All school shootings have been done by persons who are not members of the NRA. Therefore, all persons who are not members of the NRA are potential mass murderers, and have blood on their hands from the mass shootings already committed by some of their fellow non-NRA members. Therefore persons who do not belong to the NRA must be held to account and punished for these crimes.

Leftids love identity politics, so they ought to love this.

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  1. Aha, Lee, you’ve just exposed yourself as a patriarchal supremacist by using (gasp) facts and (double gasp) logic, both of which are phallologocentric and heteronormative, not to mention fascist. Or something.

    We don’t do “facts” or “logic” in snowflake land. We just do feeeeelings, and we let the State and other power brokers tell us which feeeeelings are appropriate and how to express them. Those who do not feeeeel as they ought are to be punished.

  2. I was a NRA member back when Charlton Heston was its president. The NRA began in 1871. It has taught countless millions of citizens how to properly handle firearms and does not receive public money. Leftis, go pick on someone else, like Planned Parenthood who gives way more money to political candidates and collects one-half billion dollars a year of public money.

  3. -I would like to challenge anybody from the anti-gun crowd to find even ONE NRA member, and name him or her, who has ever been duly convicted of criminal abuse of a gun.

  4. Here’s the real issue here… “gun worshipers” love their guns more than the Second Amendment. You would honestly think the gun worshipers and the NRA would actually try and make some meager attempt to help with the social problem of living with the Second Amendment and the current rage of nutcases using the preferred weapon of choice for anything diabolical as the AR-15. Gun worshipers and the NRA would be better served trying to help work through the problem rather than just sit there, just thumping that “from my cold dead hands” nonsense.. or somewhere, down the line, when more nutcases come out of nowhere.. 5, 10, 20 years from now… the collective furious will of the people is really gonna wanna change something. I own a weapon… I’ve owned assault rifles… I was even a member of the NRA years back. I don’t want to see “my” Second Amendment threatened because of short sighted gun worshipers.

    1. So how many more gun laws–that criminals, psychos, and terrorists won’t obey for a minute–do you think we need?

    2. I dunno.. but seems to me if you can’t try for a solution you must be part of the problem?
      I’ve been calling for a national mental health policy. That would cover damn well most social problems we have. That would be a great cause for the NRA.

    3. Hmmm… Democrat “mental health experts” deciding “climate change denial” is a mental illness requiring intervention–no thanks.

    4. Doug, you really do have a penchant for begging the question, don’t you? By using the term “gun-worshipers” to represent all gun-owners — and then consistently linking this invented class to the NRA, thus categorizing all members of the NRA as “gun-worshipers” and “nutcases” — you assume (once again) as a given that which you need to prove. Insults do not constitute an argument.

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