Waiting for My Next Book

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Still waiting for The Silver Trumpet to be published, I’m also waiting for the spark of an idea that will start me on my next book. I can’t do anything until God gives me that. And anyway, it’s been too cold for me to sit outside and write.

Between the two projects is The Temptation, Book No. 11 in the Bell Mountain series, all written but still being edited. I purposely left some loose ends in The Temptation to be taken up in the next book–an invasion by a particularly fierce and unpleasant nation from the south, and a project by Lord Orth that could easily get him killed–but I have yet to be given that spark, that scene, that title, or that new character that’ll get the ball rolling.

It’s hard to wait. Once I have a book started, it’ll soothe me, it’ll occupy my mind, and it’s the work that I love best. But there’s no alternative: I just have to wait until the Lord says “Go.” I’ve relied on Him this far: no stopping now.

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  1. Not knowing a thing about the writing or publishing world, it’s difficult to grasp what could possibly be taking so long to get The Silver Trumpet on the shelves. It must be particularly frustrating to you, Lee. I know it is for those of us waiting.

    1. Thanks, it’s the only way to fly. If I try to compose fiction on the computer keyboard, it’s too fast–need much more time to think. “Oy, Rodney” doesn’t count because I don’t have to think when I write that.

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