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Confession: I like watching TV commercials. Partly because I’m an actor and I do a lot of commercials, and so it’s kinda like homework to see what the commercial “trends” are. Some of these trends include: making dads and men seem like dopes or incompetent, ethnically ambiguous “heroes,” the switching of normal gender roles, and…

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  1. This young lady is quite impressive. I agree completely that far too many people support products which conflict with their morality, especially when it comes to music and/or movies. It’s not always easy to find music which reflects good morals, but I’ll be darned if I’m going to either perform or listen to music which conflicts with my moral standards. Movies are even tougher, very few movies portray anything even approaching Christian morality. But I have found some pretty decent ones out there, it just takes a while to find.

  2. You are an actor in commercials? I missed that one. My wife likes commercials (I fast forward them). But don’t commercials that are played over and over every break during a movie annoy you? FYI: For some reason I no longer am notified if a comment has been made on this blog or if someone has liked a comment I have made. I used to get them every day, but have not for the last couple of weeks (so if I have failed to return a comment anyone has made to me personally, sorry but I have missed it).

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