A Post I Didn’t Write

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I was all set to write a kind of humorous post in which Ysbott the Snake, a villain in my Bell Mountain books, comes on to say how disgusted he is by the news of our supposedly real world. “They do things even I would be ashamed of!”

But I had to bag it when the news of baby Alfie Evans crossed my screen.

One cannot understand such a bleak and evil story. Hospitals in other countries offered to take over the child’s care. The Pope interceded. But to no avail: the UK National Health insisted on killing that baby and some judge backed them up. The parents’ wishes were ignored. Family doesn’t count, in secular humanism.

Why did it matter so much to the “authorities” to end the baby’s life? Has anybody heard an explanation that made any kind of sense?

The true and living God loves mercy.

The false gods of this evil age can’t even spell the word.

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  1. The Democrat Party wants the same kind of health service for America. Obamacare was a good first step. So what does the Rhinos in the Congress do in the Omnibus Bill just passed? They fund Obamacare. Vote all Rhinos out of office. Give money to godly Christian candidates who know the issues backwards and forward.

  2. I prayed so hard for Alfie that when he survived after being starved, deprived of water, and taken off life support, I thought God had heard the millions of us who prayed for him. Then I read he was murdered. He was misdiagnosed. “… a prominent doctor who has studied Alfie says he is not dying and is not brain-dead and says the hospital needs to quit holding him as if he were in a prison.” “Alfie is not in any pain and hardly taking any drugs — and he disputed the claim that Alfie should not be able to travel to Italy. His father “disputed the claim that Alfie should not be able to travel to Italy because of potential seizures, saying that Alfie has not having any seizures and is not on any anti-seizure medication because there was no problem at this time. His doctor, Singh, is a clinical technician who works for the U.K.’s government-run health care system. He survive 4 days after he was taken off life support and it took the hospital 23 hours before they fed him again – they wanted him dead. The hospital was involved in a scandal involving trafficking the organs of children, and there were 6 other children who faced the same fate as Alfie. Alfie was murdered. Neither the state nor the courts have a right to determine who lives and who dies because we know the most vulnerable among us would be the first to go. I’m sad, angry, and feel a deep-seated pain for Alfie, as I felt for Charlie Gard. Come Jesus!

    1. Alfie had received vaccines, prior to his degeneration. Perhaps the hospital staff was protecting Big Pharma. Whatever the real reason they murdered him, it was sinister. Isaiah, another child who was scheduled for removal from life support escaped the clutches of these depopulation, organ harvesting monsters and is now doing well. 5 are dead.

    2. Once you’ve got government “health care,” everything is bottom line. It’s always cheaper to kill your patients than it is to care for them. Just call killing “caring,” and you’re home free.

    3. True. But in Alfie’s case, the hospital wasn’t paying for his “care.” Misdiagnosis, vaccines, organ harvesting – all add up to something much, much more demonic. Perhaps that IS the purpose of government healthcare all along…

    4. Yes, Marlene. It’s called Satanic blood sacrifice also known as passing our children through the fire to Molock.

    5. Thank you. Didn’t God say He wouldn’t burden us with “more than we can bear”? Apparently, I don’t understand the scripture because this is way too much for anyone of us with the love of God in us. Children – oy!

    6. It’s much harder to take because children are helpless and depend on us to nurture and protect them. One thing we know for sure. He’s in the arms of Jesus from now on. That knowledge may help us to bear these horrors.

      I keep a sign on my refrigerator that reads: “Good Morning. This is God. I will be handling all your problems today. I will not need your help, so have a good day.”

      I read it frequently – especially when I need to be reminded that He is in control and He is sovereign.

  3. By the way, Lee, that’s a beautiful black snake – it actually looks like an Indigo Snake. They’re wonderful to have around. They hunt and eat rattlers 🙂

    1. Ah . . .no, I certainly wouldn’t want a black mamba around 🙂 In Florida we had Indigo snakes around frequently and they certainly are beautiful in person!

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