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A Post I Didn’t Write

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I was all set to write a kind of humorous post in which Ysbott the Snake, a villain in my Bell Mountain books, comes on to say how disgusted he is by the news of our supposedly real world. “They do things even I would be ashamed of!”

But I had to bag it when the news of baby Alfie Evans crossed my screen.

One cannot understand such a bleak and evil story. Hospitals in other countries offered to take over the child’s care. The Pope interceded. But to no avail: the UK National Health insisted on killing that baby and some judge backed them up. The parents’ wishes were ignored. Family doesn’t count, in secular humanism.

Why did it matter so much to the “authorities” to end the baby’s life? Has anybody heard an explanation that made any kind of sense?

The true and living God loves mercy.

The false gods of this evil age can’t even spell the word.

Baby Dies of Neglect: ‘Redirecting Care’

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Alfie Evans, before they killed him

From the chamber of horrors that is our daily news cycle:

Baby Alfie Evans, 23 months old, after living four days without life support, died earlier today. Britain’s National Health authorities, backed up by the courts, refused to allow the child’s parents to care for him at home and refused offers by hospitals in Italy and Poland to take over the case. They even rebuffed an offer by the Pope.

Refusing to provide the dying infant with food or water for 28 hours after being taken off life support, a spokesman for the hospital called the deliberate neglect “redirecting care” (http://www.lifenews.com/2018/04/27/doctor-starving-alfie-evans-to-death-is-not-the-killing-of-a-child-its-just-redirecting-care/).

Is there a circle in Hell reserved for hypocrites? Can you think of a more offensive and wicked euphemism than “redirecting care”?

So it seems a child’s life, or anybody’s life, is the property of the state, to preserve or throw away as the “authorities” see fit. The victim’s family has no say.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

Come, Lord Jesus, come: before this world gets any worse.

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