Baby Dies of Neglect: ‘Redirecting Care’

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Alfie Evans, before they killed him

From the chamber of horrors that is our daily news cycle:

Baby Alfie Evans, 23 months old, after living four days without life support, died earlier today. Britain’s National Health authorities, backed up by the courts, refused to allow the child’s parents to care for him at home and refused offers by hospitals in Italy and Poland to take over the case. They even rebuffed an offer by the Pope.

Refusing to provide the dying infant with food or water for 28 hours after being taken off life support, a spokesman for the hospital called the deliberate neglect “redirecting care” (

Is there a circle in Hell reserved for hypocrites? Can you think of a more offensive and wicked euphemism than “redirecting care”?

So it seems a child’s life, or anybody’s life, is the property of the state, to preserve or throw away as the “authorities” see fit. The victim’s family has no say.

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.

Come, Lord Jesus, come: before this world gets any worse.

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  1. This is so upsetting I can barely speak about it. Evil, wicked, reprehensible – there doesn’t seem to be a fitting word for just how evil this is. But we shouldn’t be too surprised. After all, Planned Parenthood has a booming business before the child is even born, and then they make more money with the barbaric practice of selling baby parts. Satanic sacrifices. It’s actually too horrid to think too deeply about. It’s soul-wounding. Little Alfie is in the arms of Jesus and for that we praise God unceasingly.

  2. They probably injected him with the lethal cocktail they’d already prepared for him before he was taken off the ventilator. Starvation and dehydration take longer than 28 hours. This was cold-blooded murder.

  3. The earmarks of a secular\pagan society is that they no longer value human life. In ancient Greece\Rome any baby that was not perfect would be discarded\killed like trash. How far are we away from that?

  4. Lee, I agrre, Jesus please come before it gets any worse. It is getting excruciating. Such a precious baby and not thrown away by the parents, like abortion, but torn away by the godless state. Despite how long it has been since God created man, and how many people have died since, I imagine heavens population may well be a majority babies.

  5. Lee, it isn’t only in England. My husband’s mother was not given any food for days either so she could “die with dignity”. That was hospice in Ohio.
    When my husband had his last stroke, the hospice wanted me to take out his feeding tube so he could “die with dignity”. I fought them about it and won that fight. He lived another month. That was hospice in Florida.

    1. I hope that people know that when you sign that paper to be taken off life support, food and water is included as life support.

    2. The document I prepared with the help of my (pro-life) lawyer specifically says that I do NOT want food and water withdrawn from me, regardless of my condition. Unfortunately, hospitals in many states now have the power to override not only the family’s wishes but the patient’s wishes as well. We’re at the mercy of the Culture of Death — but only physically.

    3. Sue, we just went through that very thing last month with my mother-in-law with Hospice in New York State.

      How is it dignity to allow a person’s mouth to become so dry that their tongue turns black? How is it dignity to allow a person to waste away to become skeletal, to the point that their bones nearly poke through their skin?

      My husband and his brother took shifts to try to keep her somewhat hydrated and coaxing her to eat ice cream, pudding – soft foods. Finally, she passed, but we feel she was at least more comfortable. So much for Hospice. So much for Obamacare with its death clause for ‘useless eaters’.

      I have something to say to them. God is watching!

    4. I don’t know why they do that. Remember Terry Schiavo? They did it to her. I wonder when that started.
      This is evil.

    5. Yes it is, Lee. I’m not sure when it started. And I do remember Terry – but in that case it was her husband who wanted them to do it. Disgusting! I know they used to give people a ‘little extra morphine to make them comfortable’ and everyone understood that to mean they were on the border of euthanasia. But to be so cruel to just allow a person to waste away. Cruel and evil. What happened to First Do No Harm?!

    6. I just saw a sign held by a woman with tattoos all over her arms. The sign said: “America Is Not A Theocracy. End Forced Motherhood”. I remember a book from years ago titled ‘Satan Is Alive And Well And Living On Planet Earth’. I believe the author was on to something. This is pure evil!

    7. I’m so sorry you experienced the horrors of this demonic inhumanity. Ever since Terry Schiavo, the horror of what they did to her remained with me. Thank you for sharing this. It won’t be long before censorship will prevent us from posting and communicating with each other on social media. So i’m happy I have your email and am glad to see you’re well again.

    8. Thank you Marlene. God sees us through. And yes, at least we’ll be able to stay in touch 🙂

      Censorship is getting really bad – especially on all social media. I read that somewhere in California they want to ban the Bible as hate speech against gays. Jesus knew they would take our Bibles from us which is why we must keep it in our hearts. Christians can’t be allowed to continue because we stand in the way of Satan and his one world religion.

    1. Let it be a warning to us in America. Don’t let the socialists take power here. And for “socialists” read “Democrats.”

    2. I didn’t know you posted 2 articles about Alfie, et al when I posted my long-winded comment on your other article. Sorry. There’s nothing to add to this one – you covered it all. However, the many Christian comments in this one are intelligent, caring, empathetic, and take the edge off my grief. Yes, I grieve for this child and can “feel” not only his parents’ pain, but his pain, which he was forced to endure through the barbarity of his “treatment.” Facebook has banned me for 3 days because of a comment I made regarding Fresno’s professor Jarrar. I didn’t use any of the foul language that she posted, yet her anti-Jewish, anti-American cursing was permitted. This is the first time I felt the sting of censorship, other than not being able to post on Facebook from any conservative (including yours), anti-political control sites for many months. I mention this because on your site, I can finally share my thoughts, for now. Thank you.

    3. Marlene, Facebook had better watch how it censors people–there are some folks in Congress who are getting ready to administer an attitude adjustment.

      Everything I post here, I also post on Facebook and haven’t yet been told I can’t. In fact, I don’t know what’s going on with that.

    4. Facebook is like a beautifully marked snake. It is beautiful to behold in some ways, but if it bites you you will suffer. They censor for political correctness, but not for foul or hatred which springs from the Left-leaning point of view.

      We are under attack for being Christians. It’s that simple. This used to be about politics, but now it’s about something larger, and more frightening. Our deliverance can come from only one source.

    5. He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the Lord shall have them in derision. Then shall He speak to them in His wrath, and vex them in His sore displeasure. –Psalm 2

      One of these days He’s going to be done laughing.

    6. We thank you, Lee, for giving us a place to gather and fellowship and express our opinions – even in respectful disagreement. We’ve become somewhat of a family and this, your blog, is our living room. You and Patty are special to us and we appreciate you, pray for you and love you in The Lord.

    7. Makes me feel old…
      Many years ago, when they still had operators, I was on the phone trying to get something sorted out and it was taking forever. I kept getting transferred from one operator to another. And then one of them said, “There’s an elderly gentleman here with a problem…”

      And I yelled, “I wasn’t elderly when this **** started!”

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