Are They Out of Their So-Called Minds?

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When Nikita Khrushchev, in 1956, delivered the now-famous (but not as famous as it used to be!) “secret speech” to the Communist Party higher-ups in Moscow, he laid out the colossal crimes of his predecessor, Josef Stalin. I had to read that speech in high school: it used to be part of a high school education. And we now know that Stalin killed at least 20 million of his own people–maybe even 25 million–by government-imposed starvation, forced labor, terror, and political and religious persecution.

Yes, along with Hitler and Mao, Stalin was one of the Big Three mass murderers of the 20th century, during which Far Left governments around the world managed to kill off at least 100 million of their own citizens.

So who were these idiots in London yesterday, marching under communist flags and displaying great big pictures of Stalin (

Well, it was (oh, please) International Workers Day, with marches sponsored by the United Voices of the World, the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain, and never mind who else, I think I’m gonna heave…

Yep, there they were, some of them in ski masks, others wearing the little commie cap with the red star on it. They said they were marching for more money. And also equality and niceness and a bunch of other things that’d get you killed quick if you were living under Stalin. And also more money for “sex workers,” who used to be prostitutes.

Is it possible that there really are people as ignorant as this? Or are they just so depraved that they really would like to see their country governed by Stalin, or someone else just as bloodthirsty?

I know it’s a fact of life these days, we certainly get enough reminders of it every day–but I still find it hard to believe that communism is making a comeback, at least among academics, labor union types, and people who take a lot of drugs.

I remember when communist countries, like the Soviet Union and Cuba and the rest, used to patrol their borders to keep people from fleeing. They certainly never had to worry about anybody sneaking in! To this day, crowds of people are pouring out of the socialist disaster that is Venezuela. And yet here in America, where you actually can get toilet paper when you want it, intellectuals and movie stars and roaring idiots want to emulate Venezuela. “It really will work if you give it a chance!”

So in London they march under the hammer and sickle, toting oversized pictures of Stalin, and a few signs exhorting onlookers, “Vote Labour!” We can probably guess where the Labour Party is headed, if it hasn’t got there yet.

I pray God to have mercy on them, and not give them what they say they want.


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  1. These people could move to a Communist country today if they wanted, but they won’t. They would rather flirt with the idea of Communism behind the safety and benefits of Capitalism and Democracy, while flipping through their smart phones and drinking their coffee from Starbucks.

    1. Fat Nikita was the major boogyman of my childhood. My mother called him “the butcher of Budapest.” He’s also famous for saying “Your grandchildren will live under communism.” I wonder what he would have thought if someone had answered, “But your grandchildren won’t.”

      Oddly enough, Mrs. K became rather popular in this country.

      PS–Welcome back!

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