You Can’t Wear a Chinese Dress?

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(Thanks to “Unknowable” for the news tip)

With so much serious bad stuff going on–like, for instance, the Supreme Court getting ready to decide that “gays” and government can pre-emptively determine the content of works of art–you might wonder why we bother with a story like this.

A Utah high school girl is at the center of a Twitter typhoon because she wore a Chinese-style dress to her senior prom… and she’s not Chinese ( That makes her guilty of the crime of “cultural appropriation.” Tens of thousands of tweets have been generated, condemning her as a [trumpet fanfare]… Racist.

The same schmendricks who rip her for that will call you a Racist if you say you don’t like Chinese or Mexican food. Really, you can’t win.

This trivial incident shows us that leftid race obsession and overall damn foolishness has trickled down to the very foundations of our culture. Everything any normal person does offends them. This has gone beyond mere politics, crossing the line into the wonderful world of mental illness.

These lost souls on the Left hate everything. You name it, it makes them angry. We wouldn’t care, except that they own our colleges and universities, our nooze media, Hollywood, and the Democrat Party. They are well able to annoy us, and worse.

Could we, like, please, stop listening to them? Stop apologizing to them. Stop groveling. Stop trying to answer them: they don’t deserve an answer. Just ignore them, as if they literally weren’t there.

Stop giving them the power to screw up our world.


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  1. Last night Tucker Carlson had on a guest who claims a verifiable genealogy having Pocahontas as a direct ancestor. He asked her whether Donald Trump calling Elizabeth Warren Pocahontas was racist as Warren claims. The young woman said she did NOT think it was racist and if Elizabeth Warren were actually descended from Pocahontas she should be proud of it. The young woman also called on Warren to get a DNA test. The term ‘racist’ is being thrown around with such abandon these days that if you stand on one foot rather than the other, you’re racist. UGH!

    1. You are correct Linda. The word “racist” has been thrown around so often that it’s lost a lot of it’s original meaning. It can be anything to anyone, which makes it meaningless. Just disagreeing with some can make you a racist. In actuality we are all the same race, the human race, just different ethnicities.

  2. The whole thing strikes me as ridiculous. If she saw fit to wear a Chinese dress, it was because she liked it. She wasn’t wearing it to insult the Chinese. Frankly, I’m a bit surprised by this, because in my experience, most Asians are proud of their heritage and not particularly thin-skinned.

    For the record, I am primarily Caucasian, but have some Asian blood as well. I think it’s great and I’m not about to get offended by someone over it. More to the point, why would wearing a Chinese styled dress be offensive? If I wear a buckskin jacket, am I offending Native Americans, or maybe offending the frontiersmen of the past? Maybe I’m just wearing a jacket I like and don’t give a rat’s rump about what sorts of people would have worn one in the past.

    Everything I am wearing right now derives from some previous fashion. My shirt is a classic American style from about the time may paternal grandfather was born, and he was born in a Scandinavian country; should I consider this cultural appropriation? My pants look quite similar to Air Force dress uniform pants; am I not qualified to wear such a design? I have some Army socks at home, better give those to an Army veteran. It’s ridiculous to pursue such a thing.

    But let’s do it anyhow. One branch of my family is Scottish, should I wear a kilt? Am I allowed to wear anything but a kilt? How about on cold days? Part of my family is Asian; should I be wearing clothes which identity me as such? If so; which articles of clothing? How about the Scandinavian ancestry on my father’s side of the family; am I limited to having Scandinavian furnishings in my home? But it goes deeper. Among my Scandinavian ancestors, there are reasons to believe that there is Slavic blood; need I identify as Slavic? The dispersed ten tribes of Israel are thought to have, in part, settled in areas where some of my ancestors came from; need I keep kosher? Should I wear fringes on my garments? Give me a break!

    The Left tells us to “celebrate diversity”, but when people do that very thing these same people seem people seem to find fault with it. Here’s how it is: With all of the elements which went into the genetic mix that ended up being me, I identify as a Westerner, which is to say I have lived almost all of my life in the American west. I wear that which appeals to me, which is fairly average, leaning towards Western fashions. I don’t care in the slightest who would have worn these fashions in the past, I’m wearing them today because they express my tastes and interests. They wouldn’t be appropriate on Wall St or in Honolulu, but that’s fine. And if someone anyplace on earth wants to wear Western fashions, I’m delighted, no matter who they are or where they are.

    1. Now you’ve offended the LGBTQQQRSTUV community. They’re all too busy identifying what gender they currently are to be bothered with a pretty young girl in a pretty dress. In fact, they resent you identifying her as a pretty young girl.

    2. Right you are. It’s a picture of indeterminate value, taken of a humanoid of indeterminate gender wearing a garment which causes Climate Change by its very manufacture. 🙂

    3. That was a very racist thing to say. I hope you’re proud of yourself. Now I need to get over to the college and use a crying room. 🙂

  3. There is no such thing as “cultural appropriation”, it’s a contrived farce. But if they really believed in cultural appropriation, why are they appropriating the English language? Why are they not speaking their native ancestral language? Let’s see them practice what they preach.

    1. We could always decide not to let them use any of our white folks stuff–like electricity, for instance.

  4. America’s great thinkers in the 19th century were men active in the world. Now we are stuck with academics who come up with vacuous blather like cultural appropriation. One of the main points of taking dominion over our basic needs was so we would have more time for thinking creatively and exploring our intellectual capabilities. Too bad this freedom is being used for frivolous ideas that only divide us and not unite us.

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