A Book that Changed My Mind

Once upon a time I was “sort of pro-choice,” meaning I thought abortion ought to be allowed in most cases. I am ashamed, today, of ever having held that opinion.

One book completely changed my mind: Windswept House (1998), by Father Malachi Martin. In it he described what was already an abortion industry, and included the selling of parts of unborn babies and “harvesting” them for assorted business purposes. I believed his testimony, and it brought a sudden end to my support for abortion.

Now I know that Martin, an ex-Jesuit, was extremely controversial in his time, and there is a lot of material in Windswept House that I, personally, find impossible to believe and wouldn’t want to repeat.

But if what he said about the abortion industry wasn’t true at the time, it has certainly become true since then. The activities of Planned Parenthood, which are the same as those described in Windswept House, can neither be denied nor defended. I mean, we’ve got the suckers on videotape, don’t we?

What I can’t believe now is that a Republican majority in both houses of Congress can’t defund Planned Parenthood.

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  1. This sort of common ground between the two parties is precisely the kind of thing I was referring to the other day with my ‘same bed, different covers’ comment. They’re all looking to build the same tower. Sometimes they travel different roads to arrive there, and sometimes they’re pushing each other to the shoulder of the same road. It’s all an illusion. But as we say in our Christian world view – Jesus wins!

  2. On Laura Ingraham last night she reported how President Trump has the opportunity to change the Title X rules so they will defund much of Planned Parenthood. Pray that our President does the right things. The defunding of Planned Parenthood is the only campaign promise he hasn’t been able to deliver on (because it is the Congress’ responsibility to do it).

    1. The Constitution doesn’t allow the president to fund or defund any public program. Only Congress can do that.
      But Trump is resourceful. He might find a way.

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