You Can Be a Certified Social Justice Warrior! (for only $10,000)

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This is not a satire. We only wish it was.

Now, for a mere $10,000, you can become a “Harvard Certified Social Justice Warrior” by taking this 16-credit, 18-month course online ( It includes such dazzlingly useless subjects as “Chocolate, Culture, and the Politics of Food,” “Readings in Black Radicalism” (do you get extra credit if you can explain the difference between that and hating white people?), and “Storytelling and Global Justice.” And “you’ll learn about the core themes of social justice.” Oh, boy.

Is there a definition, somewhere, of “social justice”? Or is it just a lot of utterly meaningless left-wing crapola?

I wonder if Patty and I have $20,000 in our life savings to spend on a couple of these certificates. Do you?

I’d be very interested to know how many nincompoops wind up biting on this bait.

America’s universities–making America dumber by the day.

8 comments on “You Can Be a Certified Social Justice Warrior! (for only $10,000)

  1. This reminds me of a television commercial that ran for awhile in our area. I pay so little attention to any television that I don’t know the details but it was a mattress commercial that offered a ‘sleep on it guarantee’. I’m certain there was a hook at the end of that line, but I’m not sure what it was. A friend called the store to inquire about it and was told that the guarantee applied to one of their ‘better’ mattresses and that if he wasn’t satisfied after sleeping on it for a specified period of time he could purchase their top of the line mattress. (Those details are pretty close but may not be exact since I didn’t call the company myself).

    Additionally, what possible advantage does any of that provide as these people enter the real world work force – other than possibly as a neighborhood activist a/k/a hoodlum stirring up trouble?

    1. LOL! Sure, but not with a ‘sleep on it’ guarantee. I don’t know what else they thought he’d do with it besides sleep on it anyway, and as you indicate, Lee, there are people just lining up to take the bait for ever more foolishness. In fact, here’s another example of the idiocy that people will be jumping up and down to participate in:

      Privacy has flown the coop. What could possibly go wrong?! In fact, maybe this nation should adopt that as our new motto.

    2. It’s chowderhead humanist ideology: If Science does its job, it’ll find all the answers and nobody will ever get sick! Unless some Enemy of the People makes them sick.

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