My Newswithviews Column, May 3 (‘What Does Holy Mean to the Left?)

It’s a little hard to find anything that’s holy, when there’s only this world and your fleeting moment in it, preceded by nothingness and followed by nothingness. So they think their politics is holy.

Rather depressing to contemplate.

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  1. As always, Lee, excellent article. The world has lost its moral compass along with holiness. We can see clearly now the need for Paul’s warning in Romans not to be conformed to this world. There is no holiness in the world. I saw this article yesterday and hesitated to present it for a couple of reasons. To begin with, it’s one of those things you really hope isn’t true but lean toward believing because of the wickedness of this world. Also, sometimes more news of wickedness is just more than we, as Christians, can deal with. But your NWV article today made me rethink that, so here it is:

    I pray it really isn’t so.

    1. Can I believe they injected him with this or that, after taking him off life support? Yes, I can believe that, although the writer offers no proof. Can I believe they injected him purposely with lethal drugs? I would rather not, although it doesn’t really strain my credulity–but again, no proof.

      I’ll have more to say in a little while.

    1. Saw that yesterday! If the Dems ever lose their lock-step, hard-wired client groups, they’ll never recover.

    1. They were trying to conscript her into that species of feminism noted for wearing pink hats shaped like sexual organs.
      In addition to all their other faults, libs are gross.

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