‘Another Stupid Movie in Which a Lot of People Get Killed’ (2013)

Don Castro in The Happening (2008)

You do wonder how a movie this bad can even get made. Like, when they watch the dailies at the end of each day’s family, does no one say, “Uh, this is turning into a load of poop”? Does no one read the screenplay and remark, “You know, of course, that this is witless babbling?”


Meanwhile, Hollywood is getting set to clobber us with 16 comic book movies–16!–for the summer.

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  1. Comic book heroes again? Haven’t we had enough of those mindless meanderings?

    Since reaching adulthood, I can count how many movies I’ve actually made the effort and paid the ticket price to see at a theater, and I watch very, very little television. There’s a reason the television line-up is called ‘programming’.

    There have, however, been some movies worth watching, although I waited for them to age sufficiently to be aired free on TV 🙂

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