Now We’ve Got ‘Red Guards’

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We didn’t have great big May Day riots like they had in Europe this week–aren’t we supposed to try to be like Europe? I’m sure some liberal said so–but we do have flaming idiots who call themselves “Red Guards,” after the hooligans raised up by mass murderer Mao Tse-tung to help him rule China by stirring up chaos ( It seems Antifa has morphed into “Red Guards.” They’ve kept the asinine costumes.

Open the link and look at the pictures. These masked idiots are communists. That’s why they have hammer-and-sickle banners.

As one of the organizers of a May Day tantrum in Los Angeles said, “We stand in solidarity with Maoist parties across the world who are committed to building socialism and fighting revisionism through People’s War!”

Mao killed at least the 40 million Chinese that the current Chinese government admits to. The real number may be twice as high. His Red Guards were a part of that. After the Great Leap Forward imploded into economic and humanitarian catastrophe, Mao turned the Red Guards loose on his people. Just to keep ’em in line, you understand.

This is now the embodied spirit of the Democrat Party. Remember it, next time you vote.

8 comments on “Now We’ve Got ‘Red Guards’

  1. We seem to be covering the color spectrum – we have the red guard, the black panthers, the white supremacists, the brown shirts. Anybody have suggestions for purple, yellow, blue. . . ?

  2. Given that there are no wide shots, I’m guessing there were not many of them. The irony is lost on them that they claim to be fighting fascism, yet they are the fascists. Fascism means someone who uses force to suppress other people’s opinions. Pot meet kettle.

    1. It troubles me to think that the costliest education system in the history of the work cranks out these psychos by the hundreds. Or thousands.

    2. Don’t worry, I I’m fluent in typonese. 🙂 I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished they had an edit button here.

    3. See, I’ve already proved my point. I’m the king of typos. 🙁

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