Fun for All Readers!

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I’ve just gotta know this: what was the worst movie you ever saw?

“Inknowable” is already aboard with “If Ever I See You Again,” but I knew he’d say that.

C’mon now, everybody–bring on the weltschmertz! Share your most appalling movie with the rest of us. Don’t be shy, hop right in. Share your pain! Give the rest of us something to laugh about. There’s nothing so funny as a truly abominable movie that you haven’t seen! Especially if it had really big, expensive stars in it.

And please feel free to describe the wretched thing, especially if you think a lot of us might not have heard of it. Vent! Let it all out.

I’m pretty sure this’ll be a lot of fun.

7 comments on “Fun for All Readers!

  1. Okay, confession time: I really hated “Phantom of the Opera”. A story about a creepy pedophile stalking his young brainwashed victim? And repetitive ascending and descending scales do not constitute great music, folks.

  2. “The Blair Witch Project” was so hyped we actually watched it. It involves some young people out in the woods in the dark of night looking for a witch. The camera work is amateurish on purpose it gives you a headache when trying to follow it. This movie costs practically nothing to make and it grossed millions – only in America.

    1. Just offhand, here are some of the worst movies I ever saw.
      Easy Rider
      Carnal Knowledge
      The Fifth Element (completely intolerable)
      Exorcist II The Heretic

      Who’s been in more terrible movies–Richard Burton or Jack Nicholson?

      Dishonorable mention, for Worst Dialogue–The Poseidon Adventure.

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