So Cute, You Could Plotz

You just can’t beat this. A chihuahua puppy hangs out with baby goats and wants to be like them. Well, you can hardly say they’re a bad influence! A lot of us would’ve turned out better, if we’d spent more time with baby goats and wound up taking after them.

Even if it does make you want to stand on the roof of your car.

8 comments on “So Cute, You Could Plotz

  1. I just went out and stood on the roof of my car and, well let’s just say that it doesn’t work well with a convertible. 🙂

    It’s amazing how well these various species can get along. God’s stuff works.

  2. Now that’s about as cute as it gets! And what lucky little goats – they have a veritable feast in their yard. There’ clover, dandelion and even burdock! Yummy! We Italians love dandelion greens and burdock if it’s cooked right. I wouldn’t mind that yard myself 🙂

    1. As a friend’s Italian grandmother once said, when she saw her son-in-laws front yard overgrown with dandelions, “Ah! Salad!”

    2. As for the burdock – cardones, pronounced gardoons, – we had a Jewish family next door years ago whose yard was loaded with burdock. I couldn’t resist so I knocked on their door to ask if I could pick them. With extremely puzzled looks they said ‘sure, they’re weeds!’ So I told them I would bring them some when I finished cooking them. They were amazed! and had me promise before I left that any time I made them, I would bring them some 🙂

  3. Watching kittens and puppies – WordPress has struck again. Comments disabled.

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