‘Heavenly Bodies,’ eh? Really?

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What do you get when you pack together celebrities, tons of money that none of them know how to spend, and a lot of paparazzi?

You get the 2018 Metropolitan Museum of Art gala fundraiser (https://www.mercurynews.com/2018/05/07/holy-haute-couture-divine-designs-grace-red-carpet-at-met-gala/)–this edition dubbed “Heavenly Bodies” to clue us in that it’s “religiously” themed, featuring “divine designs.”

Excuse me for a moment. Barf bag please.

In addition to a whole raft of celebs I never heard of, they had Kate Perry as an angel, Rihanna as a pope, along with Uma Thurman, J-Lo, and the multi-talented Kim Kardashian, all togged up with expensive bling in the form of crosses and other Christian symbols. We used to call this “blasphemy.” You know: showing profound disrespect for God by showing disrespect for holy things. Not that any of them are, in themselves, holy: but to use them like this is not gonna look good on Judgment Day.

I don’t know about you, but the photos generated by this wing-ding reminded me of Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings.

You’d think folks at an art museum might have picked up on that. But I think that as the money comes in, the brain goes out.

7 comments on “‘Heavenly Bodies,’ eh? Really?

  1. We still call it blasphemy. Many of these Hollywood types – and many by their own admission – are Satan worshipers. A very hot and rude awakening is coming for them. They’ll be following their leader straight into the flames.

    1. Naa, the leftids don’t mind appropriating Western culture and twisting it, they just don’t want Westerns to “appropriate” anyone else’s culture.

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