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I think the thing that most troubles me about this bat-brained cultural epoch we’re stuck in is the speed, the ease, with which people who are certainly old enough to know better adopt brand-new idiocies the moment they’re created. I mean, look how fast they went for “transgender.”

Other examples:

Saying “they” instead of “he” or “she.”

Thinking they themselves can be the next Jackie Chan or Douglas Fairbanks, monkey-flips and all–just do it! It all winds up on YouTube.

Speaking of YouTube, we are told that now more people want to become “YouTube stars”–for 15 or 20 minutes, I guess–than astronauts.

Worshiping “famous celebrities” you never heard of, who became famous by doing things you never thought of.

by Jove, they snap ’em up like a chameleon snapping up flies. As soon as something new comes rolling out of the dumpster, hipsters grab it. When they’re not busy decoding “coded” messages that really mean something nasty. Like, “What time is it?” is “code” for various Racist and Inappropriate Hate Speech.

No mas, no mas…



‘Pink’ Forbids Pro-Lifers to Listen to Her Stupid Music

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She doesn’t have the sense God gave a potato.

“Pink” is one of those celebrities whose very existence is forgotten most of the time, but who periodically opens wide her mouth to let some crap drop out.

“Pink” is enraged that the U.S. Supreme Court took down Roe v. Wade and kicked the abortion question back to the states. She blames this on wicked stupid people who don’t like abortion, to whom she says, “Never f______ listen to my music again!” (

Hello! Like, who was listening to your music? You don’t think we can face life without it?

This gwonk was last in the nooze in 2017, when she bragged about raising her children in a “gender neutral” household and how proud she was that her little daughter said she wanted to marry an African woman when she grew up.

That total lack of guidance is bound to pay dividends later on in life, don’t you think?

So when did the freak show escape from the tent?


‘When Ninnies Attack’ (2018)

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A phony with a fake tattoo

Vision of Hell: You’re chained to a chair with The View on TV, 24/7, and all around your chair stand celebrities whose names you can’t remember, or never heard of, haranguing you about what a moral waste of space you are, compared to them…

When Ninnies Attack

Whew! We weren’t actually in Hell. We were only watching the Oscars–which, come to think of it, is bad enough.

You can’t go very far in the Internet without running into some Celebrity you never heard of doing very loud and gaudy virtue-signalling–and your expense.

Don’t they know that Hollywood is dying? And that they’re the ones who killed it?

Movies were a lot better before the actors became addicted to insulting their audience.

Back Again (Yeah, Again) from the Doctor’s

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My wife was to have an additional mammogram or something this afternoon, and I was set to go to Keyport to get us some nice seafood. She got me to take her to the hospital. “We have lots of time,” she said. “What they want to do only takes a few minutes.”

Ninety minutes later… Well, at least they didn’t find anything wrong with her. I was wondering just what was going on back there. Finally I went to the desk and asked if my wife had been carted off or something–at which point she magically appeared.

In the interval, the guy I was talking to fell asleep and I resorted to the magazines. Entertainment Something-or-Other. I can’t even guess who would find any of this stuff entertaining.

On the TV, a lot of rather obese people were going wild over a couple of celebrities I never heard of. The celebrities looked like they would’ve been more at home on some of those posters you see in the post office. One of them had a very small and kind of pointy head.

I got an idea for a really dumb movie. Crocodile Dundee Goes to Australia. Surprisingly, it wasn’t being hyped in this misbegotten magazine. For those too young to know about Crocodile Dundee movies, Mr. Dundee lived in Australia so he wouldn’t need to go there.

Anyway, that’s how come I didn’t blog this afternoon…

‘Heavenly Bodies,’ eh? Really?

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What do you get when you pack together celebrities, tons of money that none of them know how to spend, and a lot of paparazzi?

You get the 2018 Metropolitan Museum of Art gala fundraiser (–this edition dubbed “Heavenly Bodies” to clue us in that it’s “religiously” themed, featuring “divine designs.”

Excuse me for a moment. Barf bag please.

In addition to a whole raft of celebs I never heard of, they had Kate Perry as an angel, Rihanna as a pope, along with Uma Thurman, J-Lo, and the multi-talented Kim Kardashian, all togged up with expensive bling in the form of crosses and other Christian symbols. We used to call this “blasphemy.” You know: showing profound disrespect for God by showing disrespect for holy things. Not that any of them are, in themselves, holy: but to use them like this is not gonna look good on Judgment Day.

I don’t know about you, but the photos generated by this wing-ding reminded me of Hieronymus Bosch’s paintings.

You’d think folks at an art museum might have picked up on that. But I think that as the money comes in, the brain goes out.