Oh, Boy! Free College! Again

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Stupidity has consequences.

Already strangling in a webwork of high taxes, the people of my home state of New Jersey committed the ultimate folly of electing a Democrat as governor–Phil “Mr. Sanctuary” Murphy. They actually told man-on-the-street radio and TV interviewers that they hoped their new Democrat governor would lower their taxes.

That’d be hilarious if it weren’t so pathetic.

Murphy’s signature projects are the legalization of recreational marijuana and the transformation of our state into a mecca for illegal aliens. But he’s also floating a scheme, announced yesterday, to provide “free” tuition at our community colleges for, like, everybody (http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2018/04/murphy_free_community_college.html)!

First it’s gonna be just 15,000, er, “poor” people getting free tuition, at a cost of $50 million. Anyone who believes that’s all it will cost is crazy. Then they’ve gotta get some legislation passed–we can pray they find a roadblock there–and then the final tab will be $200 million for “free community college to all.”

Let’s see… It’ll be free, so thousands of people will be going because they have nothing else to do, who otherwise wouldn’t be going… and they’ll need more professors and teaching assistants, more cafeteria staff, more security officers and maintenance crew, more gender consultants, diversity counselors, and microaggression response teams, more boxcar-loads full of Play-Doh and coloring books… $200 million my ***. The cost will be in billions by the time they’re done.

But as Squanderer Phil says, “Education ought to be a right, not a privilege.” Oh, yeah–every warm body in New Jersey has a right to a degree in Social Justice Studies. I’m sure it must say so, somewhere in the Constitution.

I don’t think our people are going to get those tax cuts they were hoping for. Do you?

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  1. Hmpphh. Even if education WERE a “right,” that’s not what today’s students are getting in our colleges. Besides, real education is already available free to everyone: in family interactions, in libraries, in work experience, in news sources, and so on. Furthermore, before there were government schools, children learned to read, write, and figure at home or in church schools or other privately organized schools. It was a lot cheaper then, and much more productive — not just financially but in the development of character.

    As for waiting until college to get an education, well, if people have to wait that long for an education, it’s probably too late.

  2. This is going to be a great idea. Reminds me of the rich kids in high school with shiny new muscle cars their parents gave them. Those cars were abused to no end, because they were free. Give away formal education and many of the recipients will not appreciate it in the slightest.

  3. Education is already a right in America. If your child doesn’t go to gov’t school he is a truant unless it can be shown he is home-schooled or in a private school. Wait, let me say education in America is beyond a right, it is mandatory, a step beyond free (of course property owners pay for it so it really isn’t free). Most people don’t know that laws on the books require children to be put into gov’t schools no matter what there mental and physical condition. They call it Special Education. I taught in a Special Ed class last Wednesday where one of the 8th grade students has a neurological condition where he has to walk around the classroom all day shaking his arms and making rooster type noises – he cannot talk or communicate, and is about six foot five in height.. This is very disturbing to the other 12 students who struggle to learn as it is. Some of the Special Ed classes I have served in have children who are close to being in a vegetative state. Can you imagine how much money all this costs when it is one teacher per one student?.

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