My Newswithviews Column, May 10 (Book Review: ‘Now a Major Motion Picture’)

I wrote this book review for Chalcedon, but here it is on Newswithviews.

This is the kind of poison that bad people feed our children. It comes sugar-coated.

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  1. As I was reading your review of this product masquerading as literature, I thought the title should have been “Now A Major Motion Picture On Social Engineering”.

  2. “Deep roots are not touched by the frost.”

    Great quote. This is exactly what is needed in order to cope with today’s madness, a deeply rooted sense of values. The problem that results is that much of today’s entertainment is the antithesis of these values and we find ourselves with far fewer good choices than we used to have.

    I remember when All In the Family came on TV. It was, in some ways, quite similar to the book you reviewed. The parents, Archie & Edith were portrayed as fools, Archie and ignorant bigot, Edith the helpless pawn of a domineering husband. Their daughter and her husband were liberals, and unable to support themselves in this cruel world, but somehow they were portrayed as being the ones with all the answers.

    While Mike & Gloria schooled the audience in their new age values, Archie Bunker made certain that a new generation would be schooled in racial slurs and epithets which had fallen from general use long before then. Yep, a whole generation of young viewers were exposed. I suspect that show set back progress with regard to racial slurs by many decades.

    So, as I see it, it’s just another iteration of the same tired old thing. Someone finds a way to pander to the lowest aspirations of youth and makes a bundle off of mis-portraying reality and glamorizing paltry value systems that can’t possibly make for a better world.

  3. Here is a worship song that might help to take our minds back to the blessings. “It’s Beginning to Rain”

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