Kitten Kaboodle

It is said that Bocaccio once used this headline for a chapter in his book, My Cats They Are Real Nice, but I don’t believe it.

How come I’ve never been able to get a cat to do that peek-a-boo thing with its paws?

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  1. These kitties are so much smarter than Joe Collidge. At least, they know the hand that feeds them.

  2. Can it get any cuter than baby kitties? And the one curled up with the little fox – wow! 🙂

    1. Thanks for that, UnKnowable! In Florida we call them – you guessed it – Florida Panthers 🙂 When I lived in North Florida I had wolves but the guy down the road apiece had Florida Panthers. They’re considered endangered and you need a license and special enclosures to keep them. Beautiful animals!

    1. Thanks for posting that, Linda. It seems obvious to me that humans have misjudged animals and underestimated them. One thing that strikes me is how well mannered many animals are. This requires a degree of awareness and empathy on their part.

    2. God’s stuff: glimpses of the world before the Fall.
      My two cats, Buster and Missy, brother and sister–when Missy died, Buster grieved for weeks. Normally a boisterously jolly cat, he needed a lot of extra care during that time. Then again, so did I.

    3. I think you are right in the money. We are seeing animals behaving in extraordinary ways in some of these videos. The impression I have is that either humans have been ignoring the obvious for a long time OR . . . domestic animals are starting to show signs of how they were meant to be from the beginning. Yesterday I posted a video of cougars purring and meowing like house cats. From personal experience, I know that one can develop and extraordinary friendship with an animal and in many ways animals can be just as beloved to us as humans. (I won’t bother to mention certain kittens whom live in a world full of toys, pet fountains, etc.) See, I didn’t mention her at all.)

      Ok forward to the Restitution of all Things and hope that I live to see the day when humans and animals live in peace.

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