Sorry, Late Again! (This Time with Bunnies)

Once again I selected the nice critter video, loaded it, and then forgot to post it. I think there may be too many things going on in my life, just now.

Anyway, here it is–cuddly baby bunnies, offered as sanity medicine. Notice they fit into all kinds of unusual containers.

6 comments on “Sorry, Late Again! (This Time with Bunnies)

  1. They were sure worth the wait! Cute as cute can be. 🙂

    Take a breath, Lee. Trust God. Here’s my refrigerator note, just in case anyone needs it:

    Good Morning, This is God. I will be handling all your problems today. I will not need your help, so have a good day.

  2. Yes, these little cuddly critters are ultra cute, fun to watch, and of course
    we understand if you are preoccupied at this time. Still praying for you.
    This too shall pass. Blessings

  3. Lee, here is a suggestion for a hymn: The King is Coming. The Gaither
    Vocal Band has a rousing rendition, but there are others if you prefer.

  4. These baby bunnies look as innocent as they come – until they start gnawing on the furniture. It is quite an ordeal to train them not to chew on forbiddables.(I made up that word). This video especially was nice to watch after learning about the school shooting that took place in Sante Fe, Texas this morning.

    1. I’ve never had bunnies, but some cats are murder on your furniture. Happily, the two I have now aren’t into that.

      I wonder how many already-existing gun control laws were broken in that incident.

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