Give Evry feemail stodent a A!

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A small price to pay for straight A’s for every female STEM student

I hate It “when” a collidge Gets “a” reely grate idear And thenn chickins Out!!

This hear prefesser he Had “a treemendace” idear, he Was goingto Up feemail stodents grades a level or two that Means a C it wuld Be a A jist so thay culd All pass his STEM corses ( and whatt do you know, stopid Unavercity of Akron thay tolled him he culdnt “Do” it!!! I dont know whye thay calll it STEM whenn its jist Sciance but so whatt??

He sayed it “is” prat of a Nacionile Moovmint to get feemails “in to” theese hear STEM corses becose thay amb not Enuhgh feemail stodents in thare and thenn “the” unavercity thay chickined out!!!

Wel hear At our Collidge we got moar Interellecturals then thay “has got” at Akron and our Stodent Soviet we arre goingto take That grate idear All The Whay!! We are goingto to give All Feemail stodents a A in evry Single corse “thay” take, thay wil attomatickly Ace evry Thing!!! Waht a Tryomp for Wimmins Rihghts!!!! and thenn whenn thay Gradureight thay can get Anny Job thay want!! Unles thay dont whant no Jobb becose Work it blows!!

We are aslo Thinking abote pasing “a” Resalution to get The Law changed so “that” it wil be illeagle not to hire a wimmin for anny Job thay whant becose Now thay willl al be Qalifyed for evry jobb becose thay “got” Strait A in collidge!! This it wil meen lots more Feemail Airline Pilates and Hart Sturgeons and evin arkatechts!! Evryboddy wil get “anny job” thay ask four!!!

It soneds like Utopier to me and i Cant weight!!!!!

5 comments on “Give Evry feemail stodent a A!

  1. When people get passing grades they haven’t earned or are otherwise graded higher than their understanding would merit, they are simply making the degree worth less, or maybe even worthless.

  2. Hey Joe, I sure hope those female hormones start working on something besides your antenners. You could get all A’s! Of course, that would mean an end to your collidge career.

  3. O Joe Collige, it is definitely Friday when you chime in. I often wonder what you do on the weekends and what kind of music you listen to. Here is a suggestion for you: How about attempting to take Tom Wolfe’s place by writing some social-conscious novels?

  4. Won’t it be fun to watch what happens when the male students identify themselves as women in order to get those A’s? 🙂

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