Beyond Peaceful Coexistence: Cat & Hamster

I once knew some hippies who tried to teach their dog to be a vegetarian. He ate their guinea pigs.

So I can’t help being surprised that the cat in this video doesn’t even try to eat the hamster, and the hamster isn’t the least bit afraid of the cat. We see more and more of this, now that just about everybody can post videos on youtube. And you know I’ve been wondering: Is God telling us something? I keep thinking these are glimpses into His Kingdom…

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7 responses to “Beyond Peaceful Coexistence: Cat & Hamster

  • Linda Sorci

    It’s true lately that we’ve been seeing many unlikely friends, which must be the Hand of God encouraging us. This reminds me of the zoo in Japan that put a hamster into a snake’s abode, said hamster being meant as dinner for the snake. Nope. They had other ideas. Fast friends for life. The zoo was so amazed they left the two friends together. I’m sure I posted a link before, but here’s a shorter version for those who may have missed it 🙂


    • leeduigon

      I used to see something like this at the Staten Island Zoo–a blue-tongued skink (kind of a big, stocky lizard) cuddled up with a python.

      Now, a lot of snakes in captivity get oogy about eating live food, especially live food that might bite them before it’s subdued. So most zoos won’t feed them live rodents. A snake that’s been bitten by a mouse will sometimes stop eating for a long time, and maybe starve itself to death.

      Obviously this doesn’t happen in the wild. You should hear my brother’s attic, over the phone–snakes hunting mice up and down the place, and thump-thump-thump as they struggle.


      • Linda Sorci

        I’m fairly certain all that attic racket would keep me up nights! Not necessarily from the noise, but from my vivid imagination!


        • leeduigon

          The snakes come into his house looking for mice, and find them in the attic.


          • Linda Sorci

            Well it sounds like they have a pleasant working relationship. I’m much more comfortable with snakes hunting the mice than I would be with my cats dining on them. Yuck! I did have an old tomcat when I was young. He caught a mouse once and presented it to me – a high honor when a cat presents you with its catch!


    • www ufqun website

      What ?


  • David Ingram (@debater2016)

    Indicative to the lion lying down with the lamb? Romans 8:19-21 seems to indicate the curse of the earth will be gradually be lifted as the sons of God are manifested.


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