Why They Think It’s OK to Lie to Us

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You gotta read this column by Bernard Goldberg in townhall.com yesterday (https://townhall.com/columnists/bernardgoldberg/2018/05/22/fake-news–the-mainstream-media-version-n2482836).

Working as a newsman at CBS News in the 1980s, Goldberg recalls how his colleagues cooked up deeply bogus stories about “the homeless” (President Reagan’s fault: the homeless magically disappear when a Democrat is in the White House) and “the heterosexual AIDS epidemic.”

They knew they were lying, knew they were filling their broadcasts with purposeful misinformation. But it was all in a good cause! And that excuses everything. You don’t have to tell the truth, if lies will lead the public in the right direction. Sorta like scientists lying about Climbit Change to get the public to behave as the scientists think they should. If it brings about good results, it doesn’t have to be true.

The cost? In the long run, no one believes anybody. Because they’re sure that everybody’s lying.

11 comments on “Why They Think It’s OK to Lie to Us

    1. I lived through the ’80’s and the media did over blow the homeless statistics and did make it seem heterosexuals were getting AIDS at he same rate as homosexuals. Do some research.

    2. I lived through the 80’s as well.. and that was a time of huge confusion about AIDS and the subsequent fear of AIDS and how it was transferred. I have no issue with the press reflecting those times and that confusion… and in fact, likely unintentionally feeding the confusion thinking it was passing on then current information. The media is always at the forefront of passing on issues of news, when in fact the “news” itself may not be. The media is a social mirror. Hence again.. it pays to be a critical thinker.

    3. Likewise. I’m very careful about accepting anything at face value and headlines are frequently designed to be misleading. The article might tell a much different story than the headline.

  1. Propaganda which rivals anything the Third Reich was able to produce.
    I have seen the bias and lies from years ago. It is like the Islamic al taqiyya
    If it preserves us, furthers our cause, no matter how bogus it is. There will be a day of reckoning however.

    1. It’s amazing. Foolish warnings and predictions are made and the fact that they never come true doesn’t seem to register with some folks.

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