‘Costco Labels the Bible “Fiction”‘ (2013)

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This post is notable for the puerile question posed by a reader:

“Would you be willing to stand in a court of law and say that yes, Jonah did in fact spend three days in the belly of a great fish?”


Oh, isn’t he smart! But let’s turn the question around a little. Would you be willing to stand with your court of law before the judgment seat of God and say yes, the Bible is a work of fiction?

But first you have to swear–usually on the Bible–to tell the truth.

Well, hey, let’s all be Smart and elevate our own “courts of law,” complete with corrupt and ignorant judges, shyster lawyers, and perjured witnesses to a status higher than God’s! Even giving us credit for honestly trying to do our best, it really isn’t good enough.

That’s why we need a Savior.

And that’s why we’ve got one.

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4 responses to “‘Costco Labels the Bible “Fiction”‘ (2013)

  • Watchman

    Hmm, what parts do they consider fiction? Names of actual geographic locations? I’m pretty sure places like Jerusalem and Egypt exist. Names of actual people? Archeology confirms many biblical characters existed, such as King David, Nebuchadnezzar, Pontius Pilate, etc.

    The question posed about Jonah is a straw-man argument. It is designed to be a trap. You can’t testify to something you never witnessed. It would not be admissible in court. For the things we can’t verify, we fully admit requires faith. But everyone has faith in something, even the non-believer.


  • Erlene

    Amen to both comments. Since I have experienced so very many absolute proofs of God’s existence, His sovereignty and am seeing so much prophecy fulfilled, why should I doubt anything God says. In order to believe what God says, just read the first chapter of Romans and if you are still brave enough to deny His words, you have no common sense.



    Costco’s label of the Bible as false…is a wholesale lie! The Bible is God’s Word!


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