That’s Entertainment? ‘Brain-Controlled Movie’

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Remember this, from “A Clockwork Orange”? Are we tuning up for this?

The sages at the University of Nottingham have developed a special movie that can change its story line as you’re watching it, depending on how you feel (–sort of like you can change your gender from day to day, I guess.

They hook you up to an EEG machine that monitors your brain waves or something and changes the story in response to your readings. Y’mean, like, I’m watching Picnic at Hanging Rock and it’s boring the tar out of me because they keep throwing these little mysteries at you but never solve or explain them, and all the characters are just talking through their hats–the EEG will read this, and into the story, suddenly, comes the Blind Samurai who’s gonna stop the Velociraptors from eating everybody? Or better yet, they all do get eaten?

Well, no, it can’t go quite that far. They’ve made an experimental movie with three different story lines and the machine can go from one to another and back again, etc., depending on how the viewer’s brain responds.

The movie is called The Moment, and it’s a dystopian scary movie about a “brain-controlled society” and–gasp!–the “rise of far-right ideologies.” Hooo, boys ‘n’ girls, that’s Scary with a capital S! What will the machine do if some leftid commits suicide while watching this film? Maybe they ought to hand out free duct tape with the electrodes, in case the viewer’s head explodes. Damn that social media–giving a voice to people who are not liberals! Government should never have allowed that!

I wonder how much more they can charge for a movie ticket.

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  1. Sounds like hype over fact. Estimating one’ s mental state by means of electronic equipment is nothing new: “lie detectors” claim to be able to do that, although not everyone considers them reliable. So, basically they are doing the same sort of thing with an EEG and using signals to plot the course of a movie with several possible plot lines, courtesy of some tricky editing and claiming they’ve done something remarkable.

    If it’s like most modern movies it would likely shut off soon after I started watching it because I would have nodded off out of boredom. 🙂

  2. Jerry Falwell used to say, “Instead of cursing the darkness, light a light.” Why aren’t Christians making movies? I know some are, but why does the ungodly dominate? The Bible says the godly are to take dominion of the earth. Thank God for the “Bell Mountain” series to inspire others to follow suit.

    1. If the hammer is still allowed to be there, some people are going to be mighty sorry when it’s someone else’s turn to use it.

    2. They’ll be pretty upset if all their hate speech laws are still in place when somebody way to the right of Donald Trump becomes president.

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