Water Babies (the Furry Kind)

I’m impressed by the way these animals figure out how to use all these different dispensers designed for humans. They do everything but open the bottles.

And then there’s the parrot with his special water dance…

2 comments on “Water Babies (the Furry Kind)

  1. I know that my little cat seems to approach the drinking of water with a special relish. She has a fountain of her own with continually running filtered, fresh water. (No, I’m not a fanatic. I’ve never spent more than $100,000 on that cat in any given week.) 🙂 Besides the fountain, she has to sample the water from every faucet I use, no matter how wet her face gets.

    Anyhow, these critters are adorable.

  2. Wouldn’t it be fantastic to look out your window to find elephants drinking from your swimming pool? Wow! And can you imagine? How have these little rascals figured out how to use the water dispenser in the refrigerator door and from a drinking fountain and from a water cooler? Incredible! One of my cats used to love to curl up in the bathroom sink and drink from a gently dripping faucet. And of course, the little parrot water dance was very entertaining. What an adorable video! Thanks, Lee 🙂

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