Is There a Squirrel in the House?

Well, there’s another thing that would’ve made my mother plotz: squirrels in the living room. And in the car, too. I once smuggled a half-grown possum into my room. She was not amused when she saw it. Thought it was an especially large rat. She was a good sport about catching bugs for my lizards and preparing salads for my iguana–but little furry things that move fast, uh-uh.

BTW, not to go all Michael Bloomberg on you, but I don’t hold with giving squirrels soda intended for humans.

And it’s not wise to give them money.

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  1. That straw the squirrel was chewing on was a bit worrisome. I hope the poor little guy didn’t swallow any plastic. I feed squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and birds where we live, and most of them aren’t afraid, but still, I prefer to feed them on the porch. I wouldn’t want to have an open house for them 🙂 The guy next door is none too pleased with me. He complains that the squirrels make holes in his grass to bury the peanuts. I thought about trying to find a couple of moles or voles – then he’d know what holes in his lawn really are LOL!

    1. Have you seen them clean out the inside of a plastic peanut butter jar? They get every molecule. But it doesn’t look like they eat any of the plastic.

    1. Mama cats are fierce too! I once watched a mama cat beat the heck out of a dog much larger than she was because he got too close to her kittens.

      These two were wonderful together – especially with babies! 🙂 Another glimpse of heaven.

    2. I know. Mother cats are about as fierce as anything on earth.

      It’s amazing to see things like this and, I believe, these are glimpses into the way things were originally intended to be.

    3. My family dog, Pepper, was a zealous cat-chaser. She had to stay with us for a week once, while my folks went on vacation, and we were worried because one of the neighborhood cats had just had her two kittens in a secluded corner of the living room. I feared the imminent outbreak of war.

      Well, I was surprised–Pepper and Angel divided the living room right down the middle, and coexisted peacefully for the whole week.

    4. And also worth mentioning is the kindness of the man who set up their little nest 🙂

  2. People have thought we were crazy having house rabbits, but having a house squirrel is crazy 🙂 The squirrels I daily feed will not let me get close to them. They will talk to me like Whit talks to Mardis but I don’t have a clue what they are saying.

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