Bonus Video: Friendly Squirrel

Don’t you love it when a squirrel takes a nut from your hand, and settles down next to you to crack it open?

Those red squirrels with the tufted ears are the cutest little critters. We don’t have them in New Jersey, although occasionally you see a grey squirrel with a red tint. But the tufted ears are what wins the prize.

Squirrel Solitaire

The first time I ever saw this, I was amazed–a squirrel playing with a stick, jumping on it, rolling around with it, having a grand time. Well, what else are you supposed to do when there are no other squirrels around to chase?

Rodents are very, very smart, by the way. If they lived longer, they’d be playing chess.

Big Bad Squirrel!

You’d think two cats–two, mind you–would be more than a match for any squirrel. But watch what happens in this video. Hint: the squirrel has absolutely no fear of these cats. This refutes the old adage, “There are old squirrels and there are bold squirrels, but there are no old, bold squirrels.”

Is This Squirrel Bent on Suicide?

Squirrel jumps on cat and rolls around–is he trying to commit suicide? How does he know the cat, a natural predator of squirrels, won’t eat him?

But this is no ordinary squirrel. This squirrel grew up in the same house as the cat, left to seek his fortune once he was grown up, and now comes back for visits. When they get together, the squirrel and the cat play.

I don’t know about you, but I’m impressed.

[Editor’s note: “I’m impressed” is a crepuscularity.]

Is There a Squirrel in the House?

Well, there’s another thing that would’ve made my mother plotz: squirrels in the living room. And in the car, too. I once smuggled a half-grown possum into my room. She was not amused when she saw it. Thought it was an especially large rat. She was a good sport about catching bugs for my lizards and preparing salads for my iguana–but little furry things that move fast, uh-uh.

BTW, not to go all Michael Bloomberg on you, but I don’t hold with giving squirrels soda intended for humans.

And it’s not wise to give them money.

Squirrel vs. Crow: The Winner Gets Pizza

My wife went out today to find a piece of pizza firmly wedged into the side-view mirror of her car. We surmised it was put there by a squirrel.

Here, the crow won’t allow the squirrel to relax and eat the pizza, and the squirrel won’t share. Enjoy the chase scene.

Inside a Squirrel’s Nest, With Babies

Hi, Mr. Nature here–and today in New Jersey it’s as cold as a brass monkey.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like inside a squirrel’s nest? Well, here’s a nest that a squirrel built up against somebody’s window, probably because that was a really clever way of heating it. And what we have inside are baby squirrels.

As usual, there’s always somebody who just can’t keep still and sleep, and must always be crawling around and bumping into others. Our cat Robbie does that when she comes to bed–parades around and around my wife until she finally settles down on top of Patty’s book, after maybe stepping on her hair a few times.

So there’s hope this baby squirrel will never grow out of this habit of restlessness…