‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

No hymn requests this morning. No refrigerator, either. I think the best I can do is just post whatever hymn I think of first: and that would be this one, Sweet Hour of Prayer, sung by Alan Jackson.

‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

My aunts used to sing this as they went about their housework, and it was the first hymn that came to my mind today, so here it is: Sweet Hour of Prayer, sung by Alan Jackson.

By Request, ‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

It’s raining like mad today, we got three nuisance phone calls this morning before I could even put my pants on, and the nooze, as usual, is just plain awful–and so, as Erlene suggested a few minutes ago, why not a hymn?

Why not indeed?

Sweet Hour of Prayer, an old favorite sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford…

‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

Here’s another hymn a lot of us grew up with, and heard around the house–Sweet Hour of Prayer. This version is by the Vagle Brothers. Gorgeous background sets by God the Father, maker of heaven and earth.

‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

My mother and my aunts used to sing this hymn, or hum it, as they went about their housework. Something, I don’t know what, brought it to my mind last night. Sweet Hour of Prayer, sung by Alan Jackson.

‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’ (Tennessee Ernie)

This was a hymn you used to hear a lot in my family’s house, and in my grandma’s house. My mother had it on a record album that she used to play while doing housework.

Here it is–Sweet Hour of Prayer, a classic hymn sung by Tennessee Ernie Ford. Written by W. W. Walford in 1845.

‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

I am totally conked out this morning–I don’t know why. The heat, maybe.

Well, here’s a nice, sweet hymn from a long time ago, I remember my mother and my aunts humming it as they went about their housework: Sweet Hour of Prayer. Sung by the Vagle Brothers.

‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

I don’t know if I’ll be good for much today–allergies are killing me. Well, there’s always the archive.

Today’s hymn is Sweet Hour of Prayer. I don’t know who’s singing it; but I do know whose hand framed the scenery.

‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’ (Alan Jackson)

My mother and my aunts used to sing this as they did their housework: this hymn breaks them back to me. Sweet Hour of Prayer, sung by Alan Jackson–you can feel it, can’t you?

‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

We all need the Lord to carry us, sometimes. It’s raining again today, my wife is sick, I fear for my sister and a couple of dear friends, the Left is sinking its fangs into my country… and if I couldn’t pray, all this stuff would crush me flat. What do you say, folks, to prayers all around? On and off all day.

Sweet Hour of Prayer, written in 1845 and sung here by the Vagle Brothers, was one of my mother’s favorite hymns.