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‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

This was a hymn my mother used to sing, or hum, as she did her housework. You heard it a lot around Grandma’s house, too: Sweet Hour of Prayer. I wish I knew who was singing it in this video.

I don’t know which moves me more–the beautiful singing, the beautiful lyrics of the hymn (by William Walford, 1845), or the beautiful places in the pictures. We used to have beautiful places around here: I am sure I didn’t dream them. But if I did, the waking-up is cruel.

‘Sweet Hour of Prayer’

This is a beautiful rendition by Alan Jackson: brings a tear to my eye. Sweet Hour of Prayer was one of the hymns my mother used to play on the record player as she did her housework. I’d hear it at Grandma’s house, too, from time to time. These loving memories stir my soul; and just at this moment I don’t think it’d be wise to try to talk about them out loud. Thank you, Mr. Jackson.

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