Memory Lane: Major Hoople

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You may have heard me say “Fap!” now and then, and probably asked yourselves, “Did he say ‘fap’? What’s fap?”

I grew up with Sunday color comics in the newspaper, and one of my favorites was “Our Boarding House,” featuring Major Amos B. Hoople, a lovable pompous windbag whose wife, Martha, controlled him by making him go outside to beat the rugs. I wonder if anybody still beats rugs.

Anyhow, when the major’s at a loss for words, he often resorts to his customary exclamations, “Fap!” Usually followed by “Hak-kaff” or “Harrumph!” This sort of eloquence is seldom met with nowadays.

I am unable to confirm a report that Major Hoople left home to become a Diversity Reponse Team People’s Investigator at Fimbo University.

4 comments on “Memory Lane: Major Hoople

  1. I remember Major Hoople – and I remember Mark Trail 🙂 I actually did recognize the comic conversation bubble words and phrases lol

  2. I remember the “ol major”, too. We always had the Sunday funnies and
    the whole family got a kick out of them. Maggie and Jiggs, Lil’ Abner,, etc.

  3. This makes me think of the “Batman” TV show in the 1960’s where they would show the words describing the sound effects when Batman or Robin got into a fist fight. And speaking of low comedy, check out late night talk show these days.

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