Quoting the Bible Makes You a Nazi

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Why do we listen to these people?

If the churches had not spent the last hundred years or so collecting bellybutton lint, we would not be in the ridiculous position we’re in today. But while the church slept, the Devil’s servants were busy as bees.

Probably not the best idea, Attorney General Jeff Sessions recently tried to defend our country’s immigration laws by quoting Romans 13: “[T]he powers that be are ordained of God” (verse 1). Oh, Jeff ( https://townhall.com/columnists/michaelbrown/2018/06/19/quoting-the-bible-jeff-sessions-and-a-warning-about-whats-coming-next-n2492221).  You should’ve just said, “I’m the attorney general and it’s my duty to enforce the laws.”

So now the leftids in the nooze media, and the Democrat Party hacks–please pardon the tautology–are having a field day with their new equation, “Bible = Cruelly Tearing Children From Their Families’ Arms.” And we Christians should all be ashamed of the Bible and ashamed of our laws and our country and of everything else because it makes us the same as Nazis or slaveholders or people who forget to recycle their plastic, blah-blah-blah.

Why do we even listen to this crap? Lessons in Christianity from persons who despise Christianity and Christians. Lessons in family values from people who despise the family as an institution and are doing their best to destroy it. Lessons in “truth” from the same dunderheads whose college sages declare there is no truth–only “your truth” and “their truth,” and somehow their truth always wins.

As Christians we have a duty to ignore such people, to deny them access to our children, and do our level best to get their favorite institutions defunded and discredited. Kill public education, and leftism dies. That’s a fact.

Don’t be fooled. All this Democrat tear-jerking and garment-rending has nothing to do with compassion. All they want is to flood the country with illegal aliens. They think it means cheap votes.

Don’t let their sob stories get to you. And if you’re still wondering what could go wrong if the leftids get their way, take a few minutes to look at what they’ve done to San Francisco.

4 comments on “Quoting the Bible Makes You a Nazi

  1. At this point in our journey on this earth, we can feel the urgency in telling everyone we meet about Jesus. Occasionally someone will listen. The left has, as you said Lee, been busy dragging our country down, dumbing down our children through idiotic education programs, programming (there’s that word again) the population with inanity and evil coming from Hollywood and even the militaristic brutish ways of law enforcement these days.

    Judgment has come to a deserving nation. Our God is merciful. He always chastises and then gives us space to repent before further chastisement. It appears to me not many are listening.

  2. I don’t see the relevance Romans 13 has in enforcing are laws. I’m not sure why he even brought it up, it only gave fodder to the Left.

    1. For libs the entire Bible consists of only two words, taken out of context: “Judge not.”
      We have to start seriously ignoring these people.

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