Happy Baby, Happy Cat

We’re adult human beings. The mind of a baby, and the mind of a cat, are both closed doors to us. We can only imagine what’s going on in there, when cats and babies get together. Gee, I’d love to remember what it felt like to be a baby. But not for longer than three or four minutes.

Note how gentle that one cat is with the baby who insists on pulling his ears.

2 comments on “Happy Baby, Happy Cat

  1. Very attentive and gentle kitties with all their human babies, and, of course, I would expect nothing less 🙂

  2. When I see these videos what I see is innocence. Animals are innocent of any bad motives and babies are very innocent. Bring them together and you have innocence squared. It’s amazing how an animal with the predatory instincts of a cat can be so gentle, but that has to be God-given.

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