My Newswithviews Column, June 21 (‘It’s Getting Weirder and Weirder’)

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The purpose of public education was never to make anybody smarter. It was always to make the people easier to manage.

Only now they’re getting hard to manage, too, in addition to being so dreadfully stupid.

Modern feminism–a concussion without the collision.

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  1. “But hey, this is “higher education!” You pay a fortune for it, the government doles out millions and millions of dollars’ worth of aiding and abetting, and it fills your mind with what can only be described as unadulterated blather.”

    My only quibble is with the figures; I believe there is well over 1 trillion dollars in outstanding student-loan debt, at the moment. This is a money pit.

  2. The term ‘higher education” has come to mean something totally different to many of us. Higher, as in doped up. Disgraceful. Great article, Lee, as always.

  3. Here’s a VERY disturbing message brought to us by ‘Christian Truther’, a YouTuber I subscribe to. Many may be surprised at the level of deception even from Fox News:

    1. Perhaps so, but it’s still very poor form. Fox needs to keep its ducks in a row.

      iup4 (The cat typed that last word.) 🙂

    2. I wonder if that ironic “true messiah” was in Laura Ingram’s original copy, and she decided not to use it, but someone forgot to take it out.

    3. I wondered the same thing, but I also wondered the opposite – that she might have said to leave it in the on-screen message and hope it would be subliminal for those who saw it. I’m becoming more and more cynical as time moves on and these hypocrites show themselves (unfortunately, I think that’s most of them)

    4. They’re all scripted. That’s part of the problem. Propaganda and distraction are the ‘news’ of today – no matter who’s reading the script. It’s no coincidence they have ‘programs’ with ‘scripts’.

    5. He’s reading way too much into what the Closed Captions are saying. Fox News has nothing to do with it. Youtube uses a speech recognition algorithm to automatically convert speech to text on the fly. The problem is it doesn’t always work good and sometimes produces nonsense. Not everything is a conspiracy.

    1. “Marriott said those who do not want an Echo device in their room can ask to have it removed.”

      You can bet anyone with an IQ above the room temperature will make such a request.

  4. Loved your NewsWithViews article, Lee. So neat how you use the week’s blog posts to thread them all together into a coherent whole. Maybe we can nickname your “The master of the Tapestry.”

    1. It always has been. See R.J Rushdoony’s “The Messianic Character of American Education.” It’ll curl your hair–and all RJR did was quote the people who created it.

    2. I actually bought that book for a teacher about 10 years ago. Old but gold. I don’t know if I offended the teacher though…

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