‘Bell Mountain Movie’ Contest: Over

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My stats page tells me I got 137 reads for posts about the “Cast the Bell Mountain Movie” contest… and only four entries. And that was after I offered the Stanley Cup as the prize. So it looks like this contest simply isn’t gonna make it. Too bad. Among those four entries were some intriguing ideas.

Well, that’s that. I’m sure I’ll enjoy reading any casting suggestions anyone might care to make. It can be something we do for fun, when we feel like it. But the contest, she’s a no-go. I thank the four of you who entered. ‘Tain’t your fault the bird don’t fly.

I guess I might as well go back to comment contests. Unless some of you have other ideas that might work.

Besides which, I couldn’t raise the $100 million to get the movie into production.

20 comments on “‘Bell Mountain Movie’ Contest: Over

  1. If there’s a smart producer out there paying attention, he’ll grab the Bell Mountain Series right up! They’ll know how to raise the money 🙂

  2. Mr. Duigon, your books have a lovely, hopeful, purity and truthfulness about them that would never be faithfully translated in a Hollywood movie. They could be faithfully portrayed by a independent company, and hopefully someday will be. There are unknown actors out there who would do your characters justice, without tainting them with the baggage Hollywood entails.

    Congratulations on the new book, by the way! Loved the discussions between Orth and Allifar. And Gurun’s brothers are a great addition to your stellar cast of characters!

  3. I’m sorry that the contest had to end, but thank you for the contest. It was fun! I enjoyed looking at the others’ casts, too.
    I have an idea for another contest: ‘Find the Best Bell Mountain Theme Song’. What do you think?

    1. Wait a minute–what am I thinking of? The only possible theme song would be the anthem of King Ryons’ army, “His Mercy Endureth Forever,” sung in a dozen languages at once.

  4. The contest’s over, but I just have to share these new ideas!!!

    Lord Reesh – Ian McDiarmid

    Goryk Gillow – Richard E. Grant

    Lord Chutt – Geoffrey Rush

    Latt Squint-eye – Peter Capaldi

    Hesket the Tinker – Lee Arenburg

    That’s about it for now. I hope they’re not too stange.

  5. I hate to be too pesky, but please permit me to add a few more…

    Helki the Rod – Jason Momoa

    Martis – Rich Swingle

    Merffin Mord – Danny DeVito

    Tumm – Mackenzie Crook

    Andrus – Elijah Holston

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