God’s Stuff: Chameleon

It’s just over-the-top cool, the way this little guy can change color. And fast, too! But that’s not his only specialty. His feet are perfect for gripping twigs and branches, his tail is prehensile, and his eyes in their turrets can move independently of one another, scoping for prey in all directions.

Do we really believe that anything as wonderful and complicated as this chameleon is truly the result of random chance spun out over kazillions of years?

Nah. It’s God’s stuff. He made them–and He must’ve had fun doing it.

4 comments on “God’s Stuff: Chameleon

  1. Some of the neatest creatures are in the lizard family 🙂 And this little guy doesn’t seem to mind the perpetual obstacle course.

    1. I once had a lovely pair of Jackson’s chameleons, horns and all. But back then, not a lot was known about their proper care and mine, like most people’s chameleons, didn’t last too long.
      You wouldn’t believe how strong those little feet are. They can really grip hard. My iguana, normally the most friendly and sociable lizard you would ever meet, did not like it when they used him as a ladder.

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