By Poplar Demand, ‘Cats & Babies’

I don’t generally re-run cat videos, but when a loyal reader asks for one by name, I just can’t refuse. This one’s for you, Unknowable… because… you asked for it!

Cats make excellent baby-minders: ask anybody who’s ever been raised by a cat, they’ll tell you.

Meanwhile, the gavone who lets his toddler fiddle with the knobs on the oven needs his head examined. Good thing the cat has more sense than he does.

3 comments on “By Poplar Demand, ‘Cats & Babies’

    1. The one at the end seemed to be trying to keep the little guy from heading in the wrong direction.

      The one with the knobs and buttons – my eyesight isn’t very good anymore, but I’m hoping that was a dishwasher and not a stove.

      I’m in complete agreement with you, UnKnowable. Cats are super sensitive to our feelings – and even our illnesses.

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