Kooky Kritters

All right, time for a sanity break. Critter video. Cats & dogs & all. With a couple of babies thrown in.

I’ve never seen a dog and a mongoose trying for a meeting of the minds before. And there’s the cat and the baby holding hands. Priceless.

6 comments on “Kooky Kritters

  1. Lots of good stuff in that one. A horse licking a cat, an apparently domesticated fox. My favorite was the very small baby that obviously gains as much pleasure by petting as cat as an adult would.

  2. I have to watch it again. I was laughing and missed too much! 🙂 Hilarious!

    1. Similar. I bought a birthday card for my younger brother of a dog poker game in session. the caption read about one dog having a good poker face but his wildly wagging tail was giving away he had a good hand.

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