By Request, ‘Come Holy Spirit, Fall Afresh on Me’

Erlene requested this one: Come Holy Spirit, Fall Afresh on Me, by Terry Clark.

Hey, if you’re new to this blog–and I gather a lot of you are–we take hymn requests every day, and anyone can make one. Just “Leave a Reply” on any blog post, requesting a hymn or worship song, and we’ll do the rest: all are welcome.

8 comments on “By Request, ‘Come Holy Spirit, Fall Afresh on Me’

  1. Exceptional timing. Thank you, Erlene, for this request, and Lee for posting it. I hadn’t heard this one before but the timing couldn’t be better. Today will be my first visit with the oncologist and this was a wonderful hymn to go with me. An extra prayer from my brothers and sisters in this cozy little living room Lee has provided. Thank you everyone.

    1. It took me a couple days to get to this, but that was beautiful. I was really choked up by that

    2. Been a little busy, lately? – with mom’s stuff. God has blessed me with 3 wonderful daughters and I thank Him every day.

  2. May the precious, mighty Holy Spirit be right beside you all the way, as I continue to pray.

  3. I love these songs that are a prayer set to music. How about posting the gospel song that was such a sensation back in 1969 “Oh Happy Day.” – it really gets the joy flowing in one’s spirit.

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