Cats vs. Parrots: The Video

I want to know why these birds are totally unafraid to tussle with cats that could easily eat them. Okay, a parrot as big as the cat probably has an even chance. But those little parakeets? Only two explanations suggest themselves: either these birds have a death-wish (not likely), or else they know the cats won’t hurt them. And the cats could, but they don’t. They just have fun together.

Again–is God showing us something about Creation’s future?

4 comments on “Cats vs. Parrots: The Video

  1. Wonderful! 🙂

    But if those cats really knew what a hurtin’ those beaks could put on them . . .

  2. Some years back, I visited a friend who had just brought home a parrot. Their cat decided to take a shot at this bird and ended up slinking away with a good-sized chunk of fur missing, as a reminder not to try that again.

    I suspect that there have been behavioral changes of late. I’ve seen quite a few many animal videos that show animals living in peace over the last few years. Foregleams.

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