‘The Green Ember’: A Fantasy Fit for Kids to Read

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Every now and then, in my search for suitable reading matter for children, I turn up gold–like, for instance, The Green Ember, by S.D. Smith.


It’s a heroic fantasy featuring rabbits with swords, instead of people. And it’s about faith, hope, family, and self-sacrifice. This puts it miles apart from most of the Young Adult fiction that’s out there; and it’s written well enough for adults to enjoy it, too.

We do need more of this, much more. People of all ages consume huge amounts of “entertainment,” mostly without realizing that this is a passive but very effective form of self-education. We need to consume and digest more faith, more hope, more charity.

More Green Ember, less Spirit Animals.

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5 responses to “‘The Green Ember’: A Fantasy Fit for Kids to Read

  • Watchman

    “People of all ages consume huge amounts of “entertainment,” mostly without realizing that this is a passive but very effective form of self-education.”

    What a great quote, and so true. A tale of rabbits, I already like it.


  • UnKnowable

    Many of us grew up in a society which was more Christian than not and were exposed to Christian values in our everyday life. There are places where this has not been the case and the conditions there can be appalling. The Judeo Christian Ethic is not always perfectly applied, but to the extent it is applied it is beneficial.

    As our society leaves behind its Christianity, the character of our society changes and has begun to resemble the Thrid World, more and more. Books for Children which uphold the Judeo Christian values which gave so much to America and other places they have been practiced, an only help. Rabbits are usually appealing to children, so I can see that, as well.


  • thewhiterabbit2016

    Heroic rabbits with swords, what could go wrong. And it is a family friendly story with a Christian theme of redemption. I will definitely put this one on my list of books to read.


  • Linda Sorci, ac

    Sounds wonderful – and the cover reminded me of Beatrice Potter 🙂


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