It’s OK to be Racist if You’re a University

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Don’t you just love the way our looniversities use language? We haven’t seen anything like it since the Tower of Babel.

At California Polytechnic, “Diversity Action Initiatives” are being put into play to reduce the number of white students. This is done by the school’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion (

“Inclusion” means excluding white students. And “Diversity” means a rigid uniformity of thought.

The looniversity brags that in 2011 white students were 63% of the student body, but in 2017, less than 55%. And they’ll keep on “culling” white kids until they can say their student body reflects “the demographics of California.”

All right, I’m listening: tell me how this is not a racist policy. Go ahead, give it your best shot.

Meanwhile, the school plans to add “pre-enrollment diversity training,” whatever the hell that is. Probably some scheme to make students’ minds right. More expensive than a sweat box, but still effective. If it wasn’t making students visibly more disturbed and addled, they wouldn’t do it.

Hey, if people really want to send their sons and daughters to a school like that, it’s their business. But why should any public money be poured into an actively racist institution? Why do we have to keep paying them to screw up our country?

De-fund the universities. All of them. Now.

5 comments on “It’s OK to be Racist if You’re a University

  1. With Brett Kavanaugh being added to the Supreme Court, Affirmative Action can finally be overturned and college admittance will once again be based on merit. And then when Ruth Bader Ginsberg retires (or dies), Amy Barrett can take her place and no telling what can be overturned as God brings America back to being a self-conscious Christian nation – a city set upon a hill.

  2. That’s totally racist. And Leftist ideology is so much acceptable in our society they can get away with it. But people like you speaking out is going to turn this around eventually.

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