Rats! (They’re Really Quite Nice)

Rats make truly lovable pets. They’re very, very smart: if they lived longer, they’d be composing symphonies. They’re affectionate, adaptable–just think of them as small cats with hairless tails.

I have seen videos of cats opening someone’s purse and taking the money–to do what with, who knows? In this video, you’ll see a rat do it. I suspect a cat put him up to it.

5 comments on “Rats! (They’re Really Quite Nice)

    1. I’ve had pet rats and mice. You wouldn’t believe how smart they are, how quickly they learn all sorts of things. If they could live ten years or so, they’d wind up in charge of everything.
      As for mice and math: I once had a mouse who gave birth to nine babies. She divided them into three sets of three and nested them at three different places so she could nurse them evenly and systematically. That way, none of the babies got overlooked.
      She also used to groom my mustache.

    2. That’s a very, very caring mama! What a wonderful event! Thank you for sharing that one, Lee.

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